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26 Ιανουαρίου 2024

In the Wake of OT-60’s Success at the European Powerboat Awards, Omikron Yachts Announces New Flagship OT-80

Omikron Yachts’ pioneering model, the OT-60, has clinched the prestigious European Powerboat Award for Long Range yachts. According to the award’s stated criteria, she simultaneously excels at providing comfortable living, efficient drive systems, safety at sea and low fuel consumption. Moreover, building on the acclaimed success and market reception of their first production model, the shipbuilding brand of Olympic Marine proudly announces the commencement of a new venture, the OT-80. The 80-foot Eco Cruiser is set to launch in 2025, marking a significant milestone in the shipyard's journey of innovation and excellence.



The official announcement of this year’s European Powerboat of the Year winners was made on the first evening of the iconic Boot Düsseldorf, where Omikron Yachts is displaying the OT-60 at Hall 15 stand B44 and where the brand revealed the advancement of their unique concept with a new flagship, the OT-80.

The OT-60, admired for its sustainable and stylish approach, has now been recognized for the success of the stated design goals behind the project. The design, a harmonious blend of sailing efficiency and power yacht convenience, has been inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean island-hopping ethos and embodies a sea worthy boat designed for worldwide exploration. The yacht's ability to travel 1000 nautical miles at 8 knots, in any sea condition, while consuming just 1.25 liters per nautical mile is a testament to the unparalleled efficiency of the naval engineering by Juan-K. The yacht's exterior and interior, a creation of Lorenzo Argento, embodies the essence of a beautiful journey. The interiors, styled by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, feature natural materials, neutral colors, and tactile finishes, offering unparalleled comfort and luxury.

The OT-80, expanding on the voyage-centric concept of the OT-60, will test the waters of an even more demanding and competitive market. This new model, like her award-winning sister, underscores Omikron Yachts' commitment to comfort, efficiency, and safety on extended cruises, encapsulating the shipyard's vision for easygoing, sustainable seafaring.

The decision to expand the shipyard’s offer is based on the positive reception of the OT-60 and the shipyard's notable achievements. The feedback from the boating community and the success of the OT-60 have been instrumental in shaping the concept and design of the OT-80, ensuring it meets and surpasses market expectations. Designer Lorenzo Argento and Naval Architect Juan-K are collaborating with the shipyard again to go beyond the OT-60 in every dimension.

Nikolas Dendrinos, Chairman of Olympic Marine, shared his enthusiasm for the success of the OT-60 and the brand’s new project: “Winning the European Powerboat Award for Long Range is a milestone achievement for Omikron Yachts. It reaffirms our commitment to an innovative concept and design, sustainability, and the joy of sailing. The OT-60 is not just a yacht; she is an ambassador of our nautical culture, to see her embraced on the international stage is truly emotional. Her new sister, the OT-80, is not just a larger model; it's putting a magnifying glass on our vision for the sustainable future of yachting. With expectations set high by our debut model, we are working harder than ever to ensure that all our stakeholders and, most importantly, the future owners of the OT-80 will be thrilled.”