37° 41' 9 Ν-24° 03' 3 Ε
Canal V.H.F 9

Aegean 600 2023

27 Ιανουαρίου 2023

The AEGEAN 600 Yacht Race will run for the third time, between 7-15 July 2023.

Its course, full of navigational and seamanship challenges, will weave again through the rich and colorful Aegean Archipelago.

We look forward to hosting you at the Olympic Marine S.A. in the beginning of July.

Download the 2023 Notice of Race here.

The sea of myths and legends. The sea of Homer, Seferis and Elytis. The sea of painters and philosophers. The sea of sailors. 600 miles of sailing in this sea.

An offshore race designed by sailors for sailors. A race where the wind god, Aeolus, will make his own game to control sailors’ seamanship. A race where the dolphins will accompany the boats to drive them faster to the finish. A race with enchanting sunrises and sunsets. A race where mythology rewards sport in a unique water track. All this and much more is the “Aegean 600”. A non-stop race.

The Start is given by Homer’s sanctuary, in front of the columns of Poseidon’s temple, and with the wishes of the mythical god of the sea the boats sail for Milos, the home of the Venus of Milos, the prize of the Louvre de Paris. Surrounded by Cycladic white, they reach the scenic Caldera of Santorini, where the white of the houses blends with the volcanic rock creating unique contrasts and images. They continue towards the southernmost island of the Aegean Sea, Kassos, and leaving Karpathos on the left, the nativity island of Athena, and the residence of Prometheus, reach the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights in Rhodes. The course continues towards scenic Kos and Kalymnos, the island of sponge divers, while on the way they meet, besides dolphins, beautiful small islands, each with its own history.

The fleet sails next to the full color islands of Pharmakonisi and Agathonisi, and continue to Ikario Pelagos, a sea that offers strong sailing excitement. The sailors meet Patmos, the island of Saint John and the Cave of the Apocalypse, and head to cosmopolitan Mykonos and Delos, the birthplace of Apollo. The last islands of the route are Giaros and Kea. Slowly Finally the contestants face the Temple of Poseidon that will mark the end of the sailing adventure and the race.